About Me ...

I'm Maureen Clancy. What I love most is helping you emerge from the shadows and into your own power.

When you are connected to your own power, your life is easier. Each step. Each decision. Each little part of your soul’s journey on this earth.


Without connection to your power, you can feel as if you're living in a dark, confusing place. 

My own story has a chapter in this dark, confusing place.

I was born sensitive to the feelings of others and to physical environments. I knew as a child that there was much more to the world than what I could see and what adults told me. But I quickly noticed that the world around me wasn’t a friendly place for my gifts. I became quiet and shy. I shut my gifts down.

Cut off from my natural abilities, I didn’t like myself or my life. As I searched for meaning, I toiled at jobs for which I was not suited. I lived in places that did not honor my spirit. I never felt seen and heard. A big-time physical and emotional crisis brought my decision — the one to shut my gifts down — back up for review.

The Universe gives you infinite opportunities to do what you came here to do.

To heal from this crisis, I moved to the very northeastern tip of Long Island where I had deep ancestral roots. While there, I repaired my relationship with myself, my body, my spirit, my family and my natural abilities. I began to reconnect to my own power. I returned to school for a master’s degree in clinical social work and stepped into my path as a healer, teacher and mentor. These days, I combine my expert skills in modern psychotherapy with my intuitive, energy, and divination tools. I work on an evolutionary, big-picture, soul level and translate it into every-day life. 

About You ...

You long for deeper meaning.

You are sensitive. You've probably been told that you are too sensitive.

You want to be able to cherish all of yourself … even the parts you don't like.

You want each step you take to be aligned with your path.

Whether you don’t feel good enough, feel confused about where you’ve been and where you’re going, or feel stuck because something crappy happened, I can help. I've worked with the most amazing people, who were once where you are now. I’ve helped them get clear on who they are and what they want. I've helped them connect and stay connected to their own light and power.

Want more about me? Click here. Otherwise, get comfy, look around, and see what you notice. Check out Mojo Custom Flower Essence Blends -- one of my most loved offerings.