You're changing.

Your life is changing.

It may be a sudden traumatic loss or head-spinning news or a persistent deep-down feeling that something's must shift.

Whatever the change, you can't help but feel yourself moving through it. You reach for the tools that worked before and find that they don't work like they used to. 

This exact spot is

what I call a Gate Passage. 


I help smart sensitive souls feel

calm and capable

during their Gate Passages.



Random facts about me:

I'm a sensitive soul, too.

You can find me outside most of the time. 

I love living near the ocean. I'm there in snow, rain, and sunshine. 

I love hanging with my husband and my dog, eating guacamole, and throwing pottery.

I'm in awe of our capacity to heal and to love.

I'm also kind of in love with Instagram.