You're standing at a gate.

It may be a loss that's brought you to the gate or a head-spinning 180-degree change or a persistent bone-deep feeling that something's got to shift.

It's overwhelming. Your first impulse is to run the other way as far as you can. You can feel totally lost, as the comfy space of what you've known fades to a blur. What's in front of you can scare the sh*t out of you.

This exact spot is what I call a Gate Passage. 

Rather than go it alone this time, you want a wise guide with you on this part of your journey. With expertise in modern psychotherapy combined with my spot-on intuitive and alternative healing tools, I've been honored to work with the most amazing souls through their Gate Passages to having lives they love. 

This is where this next part of your Gate Passage begins.

Your next step? 

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