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Learn how to read Tarot to learn about yourself and your journey.

The first Tarot card decks appeared in 13th century Europe as a card game for wealthy families. Since then, Tarot cards have been used for self-knowledge, for divining possible future outcomes and for direction along your journey. 

My introduction came at the tender age of 16. Each year at the end of the term, my high school French teacher would give us each a Tarot reading. I was fascinated that the cards could tell her so much about me! I've been studying ever since. 

In this class, you'll learn the basics  and begin to use Tarot to learn more about yourself and your world. You don't need any previous experience, just an open mind and heart.

Space is limited to enjoy an intimate learning experience.

Saturday, October 14th

from 1-3:30 pm, in 

downtown Somerville, NJ


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