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The New Moon is a dark reflective time in the lunar cycle.

With no light in the night sky, we often have to go by feel, rather rely on sight.

Women are brilliant at this!

It’s a time to reflect, dream, and notice what is wanting to come to the surface.

To do that, however, we need to slow down, become quiet, and connect with ourselves. Instead, we tend to live in go-go-go mode … always moving from one thing to the next, with so many demands on our time.

With this constant movement, it can be difficult find time to slow down, become quiet, and connect to the deep dreams within.

Give yourself the gift of reflecting and dreaming time in the New Moon Women’s Circle.

In this circle, we’ll land in the present, connect with each other, and make a dream board to bring to the surface what is calling for attention. You’ll take it home with you to help you stay connected to what you’d like to come in to your life from this new moon to the next.

We gather:

  • 7-9 pm

  • Thursday, March 7th*

  • at 3 Calvin Place of Renewal in Metuchen

  • Cost: $45 (save your place below)

* Registration closes on March 6th.

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Have questions about the New Moon Women’s Circle? Feel free to call or text me at 908-955-3637 or email me at mclancy@exit10.org