What's a New Moon Oracle?

Have a listen here: 

April's New Moon Oracles are now complete.


It's a new astrological year. Don the party hats and open the bubbly.

Right now, you can use the energy of this new moon to start new things. New Moons are always good for this, but this one is gives you a huge burst of energy to do it.

Not only that, the planets are aligned to make whatever you start now a rousing success.


This April New Moon calls you to: 

  • Crack open whatever has felt confining and break free. This includes situations, beliefs about yourself and the world, and relationships. Decide what fits for you now. 

  • Pay attention to your intuition and dreams. They're strong right now.


Get a burst of illumination for this transit with a New Moon Oracle. Flex your free will. You've got 3 choices:

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#1: Season of New Moon Oracles

That's 3 of them, delivered to your inbox on the new moon each month. No more scrambling to get yours before they sell out.

Easy and done!




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#2: New Moon Oracle Mojo

You get a New Moon Oracle, delivered to your inbox and a totally-unique-to-you Your Signature Blend flower essence from White Ray Flower Elixirs, delivered to your door.

Clarity from the oracle + support from the flower essence blend = Mojo.



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#3: New Moon Oracle

No frills. No fluff.

All clarity. All heart. 


    Oracle FAQs:

    • Delivered to your inbox as a PDF, until April 17th.

    • Available until sold out, on a first come, first served basis.

    • Have questions? Drop me a note here: mclancy@exit10.org.