Welcome to the first New Moon Oracle offering for 2018. 

I'm so glad you're here. 

I made a short-n-sweet audio about it.



The first new Moon of 2018 hits January 17th.

In the sign of Capricorn -- the earthy, practical, and ambitious planner of the Astrology family -- this new moon is all about commitment and intention.

You’re being called to : 

  • Commit to something. All in. Both feet. Put a ring on it. 
  • Before you do, know what you want. This is the domain of intention -- the focusing of your power in the world. Intention is one of the most precious tools you've got and now's the time to sharpen it, love.


:: NEW ::

New Moon Oracle, 3 ways: 


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#1: Season of New Moon Oracles

That's 3 of them, delivered to your inbox on the new moon each month. No more scrambling to get yours before they sell out.

Easy and done!




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#2: New Moon Oracle Mojo

You get a New Moon Oracle, delivered to your inbox and a totally-unique-to-you Your Signature Blend flower essence from White Ray Flower Elixirs, delivered to your door.

Clarity from the oracle + support from the flower essence blend = Mojo.




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#3: New Moon Oracle

No frills.

Nothing extra.

All clarity. 


    Oracle FAQs:

    • Delivered to your inbox as a PDF, until January 18th.

    • Available until sold out on a first come, first served basis.

    • Have questions? Drop me a note here: mclancy@exit10.org.