You in 2019.

You are smart.

You are sensitive.

You are here for a reason.

And you’ll be doing much more of that over the next year.

Get a burst of illumination


Your Signature Blend flower essence

to help kickstart the New Year.

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What’s a New Moon Oracle?

Have a listen here …

What’s a flower essence?

In simplest terms, a flower essence is a flower's wisdom in the form of its electrical vibration.

This electrical vibration is a roadmap that gives your own electrical system information to solve emotional, mental, and spiritual concerns.

What's more, it's information that your electrical system already knows how to read and learn from. For anything you might face, there's a flower/plant/tree/shrub that has already tackled it. It can share its wisdom to help you tackle it, too. 

It’s super-simple to use. Just put a drop in your water or right on your tongue several times a day and the flower essences do the rest! Click here to learn more about White Ray Flower Elixirs.


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  • New Moon Oracles are not predictions about your future, but information about where you are now and what to pay attention to going forward. 

  • You’ll receive 2 things in this offering. Number 1: a New Moon Oracle reading for the year, delivered to your inbox as a PDF. Number 2: A unique flower essence blend, delivered to your physical mailing address.

  • Limited quantities are offered. Available until sold out, on a first come, first served basis, until January 5th.

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