*~~* The New Moon Oracle for August is complete. *~~*

Check back in September 17th for the next offering.


The new moon in August features a solar eclipse.

If you've heard everyone and their mother talk about it, here's why: 

  1. It hasn't happened that a solar eclipse could be seen across the U.S. since 1918. In human history, this is small potatoes, but it gets people excited to witness it.
  2. From an astrological and evolutionary perspective, it's believed that the area where you can actually see the solar eclipse will undergo the most change within the following 6 months. Tension is so palpable in the U.S. right now, where it will be most visible.
  3. It occurs in the astrological sign of Leo. With bold, generous and loving Leo, it's all about two things: First, go for what your heart desires big-time. All in, with both feet. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Second, it's about anchoring in love. How can you love more in the face of this tension? How can you stand up for what your heart believes in? How can you clean the chambers of your heart to increase your capacity to love? 


This New Moon Oracle is a deep-diving burst of illumination,

featuring a one-card Tarot reading

and a message from your Akashic Records. 


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