Finding the sweet spot.

That's what this is busy new moon in Libra is all about.

It hits on Thursday, October 19th. You’re being called to zero in on these hefty things:  

  • Finding and staying with inner harmony amidst the chaos of external events.
  • Expressing and listening (in equal measure).
  • Individual boundaries and merging with others.

Yowza! All three of these are deep, for sure. But hanging out in the deep end of the pool is always what's on tap during the new moon.

Get clarity and insight for this transit with the New Moon Oracle.

It's a deep-diving burst of illumination, featuring a one-card Tarot reading and a love-fest message from your Akashic Records (the energetic library of each soul's journey on Earth). 

I have a blast doing these, and I'm constantly blown away by the messages that come through.

I only do 8 of these for each new moon, so claim yours if it calls to you


    Oracle FAQs:

    • Delivered to your inbox as a PDF.

    • Limited to 8 on a first come, first served basis.

    • Available now until October 20th.