Deep down, you know there's more.

You want to live grounded in the center of your universe, powered by your own mojo.

Sometimes you've felt it. Sometimes it feels drowned out in all the noise out there. 

You want answers and direction, but you're not the type to consult just any reader out there. Forget the psychic down the street with the neon sign. That’s not your style. 

You want a down-to-earth and impeccable source, whose intention is to work for your highest good. 

That's me, and that's why I created the Mojo Oracle. It's a spiritual consultation that combines a 3-card Tarot Card reading, a short-n-sweet Akashic Records reading, followed by my take on things, using my intuitive gifts heaped with a big dose-o-love. It's designed to quickly illuminate your brilliance and connect you to your mojo. 

Buying a Mojo Oracle is easy (I love when things are easy).

Click the Add to Cart button below to purchase and then fill out the pop-up form.  I'll send you an email about when you can expect it. Then I'll roll up my sleeves and get started. When it's ready, I'll email it to your inbox. 

Here's what others have said about their Mojo Oracles:

This was so interesting and spot on, it was scary! -- Victoria N. 

Your reading resonates deeply within me ... so much I started crying while I was reading it.  — J.C. 

I just had to re-read the oracle reading that you did for me in July. So much of my reading was accurate. -- Margaret S., Psychotherapist

It was all spot-on. It's definitely time to start following the guidance to put myself first. -- Becky W., Writer 

Perfect blend of news you can use and soul-deep, cosmos-wide intuition. -- Jessica J., Editor & Owner of

Spot on. -- Laura G., Executive Coach and Healer

Your reading is right on, and I believe the divine is perched and calmly waiting.  -- Terry M., Reiki Master & Cancer Coach at

Wow, you really tapped into some very real details and so this is incredibly helpful in how I choose to navigate forward. I feel more grounded with what I was already feeling.  -- Jessie M., Artist at

You are amazing!  -- Jill M., Photographer at