You're moving forward, but find yourself at a crossroad.

You want to keep going and to feel that you're headed in the right direction. At the moment, though, you're standing still. You feel doubt, have questions, and recognize obstacles.

You want a master guide to help you:

  • Discern signal from noise and tune into the sweet sound of your own voice, the longings of your heart and deeply held truths ... even if you don't know what they are.
  • Identify what gets in the way and take steps through and beyond it.
  • Begin to resolve painful experiences from the past, so these experiences no longer trip you up and affect how you respond in the here and now.
  • Place yourself as the heroine of your own journey through your Gate Passage.
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Mini Gate Passage is made for this.

You Get: 

: :  Two 55-minute sessions via Zoom from wherever you are.

: :  Reiki energy work, after each session. This is done by distance, and there's nothing you need to do but receive. 

: :  Text and email support between sessions.

Mini Gate Passage: $400