There's no quick fix for depression and anxiety.

But you can find moments of relief with all natural flower essences. 

In fact, flower essences have been important ingredients in my healing work for more than 20 years.

Learn about it in my new book.

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In this tiny but mighty book, you’ll learn about:

  • My own story with flower essences.

  • My go-to favorite flower essences for anxiety and depression.

  • My favorite resources for flower essence information.

These are the very same essences I’ve been using with clients and personally.

These are also the essences that I use to make White Ray Flower Essences — a small-batch, high vibration line of blends for specific life challenges.

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Read it Now


  • You get 17 pages of information.

  • Available in PDF digital format to read on your computer, Kindle, phone. You can also print it out, if you love the yummy sensation of holding the book you are reading.

  • Click here to learn about the flower essences I make over White Ray Flower Essences.

  • And curious about working with me through your journey? I help smart sensitive souls through enormous changes (especially the ones that uncover old wounds). Click here.