TOOL #3: Breathe

The first 2 tools include some of this, but today you’re zooming in on breathing. 

Check your breathing now. 

Where do you notice it in your body? 

Does it go down to your belly, filling it with air like a balloon? 

Or is it in your upper chest between your neck and your heart? 

Does it feel full and slow or short and shallow?

When crisis hits, your breathing automatically becomes shallow, thanks to your body’s fight, flight or freeze survival response. This allows enough oxygen to get into your body while you deal with 

Taking a deep breath automatically turns off your body’s survival response and tells your brain that you’re not in danger. This let’s more oxygen into your system, which in turn kicks in a relaxation response.

Now to today’s tool. Play the video below to learn about square breathing (and see me in vintage video).