You don’t have to go through this alone.

When you’re in the middle of a Gate Passage, it’s essential to have a community around you.

Gate Passages are times of transition -- when you go from one part of your life to the next.

Some Gate Passages are huge and knock the wind right out of you. 

Others come regularly, like the seasons of the year.


Fall is the season of transition from the expansiveness of summer to the conserving of winter.

 This transition time brings cooler weather and shorter days. You climb back into socks and sweaters. Your diet changes from lighter fare to heartier foods. Children return to school. Routines shift. 


This can be challenging when you're also going through a big transition in your life. 

You may be tempted to resist the transition and run the other way.

You may notice that the tools that helped you previously deal with life stop working.

You may try to get through this alone, which you are brilliant at. Somehow, though, it doesn't cut it right now.

With your sensitivity, every little thing that happens as you travel through this Gate Passage feels amped up and you're overwhelmed about what to do.


You're not alone. 

Gate Passages are so much easier to navigate when you are surrounded by a community of other beautiful sensitive souls who are going through something big, too. That's what Gate Passage: The Fall Gate is all about.



Gate Passage: The Fall Gate is an 8-week intimate gathering for sensitive women who are going through a transition in their lives.


How it works:

WEEKLY ONLINE GATHERING (via Zoom -- a free video conferencing platform)

You'll gather online each Tuesday from 5:00-6:00 pm EST via Zoom, face-to-face on the screen with each other from wherever you live.

During each call, you'll: 

  • Arrive in the present and anchor into your body with a guided relaxation.

  • Share where you are in a small, welcoming community.

  • Get support.

  • Give support.


You'll receive prompts each week for diving into your experience. Journaling is a deeply nourishing way of settling in, hearing your thoughts, and connecting to your heart. These will be delivered to your inbox. Optional -- turn them in to me for heart-centered and clear feedback. 


You'll gather in a private Facebook group to deepen connection with each other. In this group, you'll get support, give it, share places in which you feel vulnerable, and celebrate share triumphs and a-ha moments. I'll also drop in audios, videos and weekly Tarot readings to light your way. 



You get: 

: : 8 weeks of gathering from September 23rd to November 17th.

: : 8 community calls each Tuesday from 5:00-6:00 pm (EST). 

: : Weekly journal prompts (with the option for feedback).

: : Community in the private Facebook group for connecting with each other, Tarot readings, audios, and videos.


Here's what the kind people who gathered for previous Gate Passages  said about their time:



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I'm Maureen, your guide through Gate Passage: The Fall Gate. 

In my nearly 20 years as a psychotherapist, I've helped hundreds of people through their Gate Passages. Many of them had no idea what to do or how to do it. Many of them had sudden losses and weren't sure if they'd be able to get through it. They did. As they did, they went from overwhelmed and lost to capable and grounded. Read more read about me and my journey here.


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The Fine Print (because I want you to have an excellent experience here):

  • The Fall Gate is not intended to replace psychotherapy with a licensed mental health professional. If this is something you need, I can help you find it. Write to me at

  • No refunds will be given, so be sure that you are able to participate and get everything you want out of this experience.

  • With that said, you'll get out of this experience what you put in. Your experience will be 100% in your power.

  • Have questions? I'm here. Write me at