Want to consult on a case? 

I love helping other therapists and healers help their clients.

I'm an expert in PTSD across the lifespan. I'm certified in EMDR. I do Internal Family Systems and Ego State Therapy. Most of the clients I've worked with in the past 20 years have dissociation. 

I also love combining traditional approaches with alternative healing modalities such as meditation, yoga, flower essences, Reiki and other spiritual practices.

My credentials can be found here.

Some of the clinical issues I love consulting on: 

  • Interpersonal trauma -- sexual abuse, physical abuse, assault/crime, break-ups, etc.
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Spiritual Awakenings
  • Grief
  • Sudden Loss
  • Phobias -- fear of hypodermic needles, throwing up, going to the doctor, driving after an accident, etc.

Get in touch

Call me at 908-955-3637 or email me at mclancy@exit10. org.