Too much, and you're off. Too little, and you're off.

You, my dear, are such a delicate tender creature when it comes to sleep. Nightly rest that falls in the zone of just right is what you're after.

In my 15+ years as a therapist, people have been telling me the stuff that keeps them up at night. I freaking love hearing about this for so many reasons.

One of them is because if your sleep is off, then using your power in the world is much more difficult.

I look at bedtime routines (yes, you need one), when you put down electronics (at least a half-hour before bed), what you put in your body within a few hours of getting horizontal, and how you put the day's thoughts and worries away.

The key here is that just right sleep helps you use your power in ways that feel good.

Here are my expert tips for a good night’s rest: 

  • Exercise during the day. Hands-down the best tool. Walking, running, biking, swimming … whatever makes your heart beat faster, do it. There’s a ton of science behind this, some of which you can read herehere and here.

  • Take a bath about 2 hours before bed. This raises your body temperature as you’re soaking and lowers it quickly as you get out, both of which helps you drift off to a deep slumber. Again, there’s science behind this that has to do with your circadian rhythm that you can easily find. 

  • Take Magnesium. Either add 1 cup or so of Epsom salt to your bath or drink it before bed. I love this stuff.

  • Sleep Like a Baby Elixir. I made this after being inspired by how babies look when they sleep ... like the bundle of love in the photo below. I chose 11 flower essences that are the best at helping you mentally unhook from the day’s events, unwind tension in your body and soothe your frazzled nervous system after a day of computers, iPads and cellphones. Click here to get yours. 

Run vs. Stand Your Ground

I knew I had touched a nerve 

when she followed the impulse to run. 

I just did a bunch of mini Oracle readings for 2017 for my newsletter subscribers. The readings are a mini-burst of illumination to highlight the challenges and blessings of your year. The overarching theme is about using your power -- an essential part of living that I freakin' love talking about.

Hers wasn't going to be a terrible year, by any stretch of what most of us go through. In addition to blessings, there was a specific challenge in how she was relating to the people in her life to watch for, keep in check, and grow through. It was about using her power differently in relationships, without throwing her weight around or being a bully.

As soon as she received the reading, she wrote to me saying she was sad and upset. I wrote back with compassion and suggestions. Then she unsubscribed from my newsletter. 

I understood and silently sent her blessings. She needed time to digest what the reading illuminated. 


When you're being called to use your power differently, your impulses are to run or stand your ground.

Today is the first full moon of the year in Cancer. Another thing I love talking about. It heralds a turbulent emotional time, and you might feel as if your feelings are all over the map. Like all full moons, this one illuminates and floods light into the dark places.

This Cancer full Moon shows a crisis and opportunity ... just like her reading ... to let your guard down, let go of what's no longer serving your highest good and choose change rather than run from it.

Bring it all into the Light

I’ve been hearing a lot recently about individuals having trouble dealing with their shadow. Maybe it’s the uptick in consciousness that’s taking place right now on the planet or the U.S. Presidential election putting our collective shadow on the stage in the form of Donald Trump. 

What is your Shadow? 

This word, made popular by Swiss psychologist Carl G. Jung, describes an aspect of human personality that consists of feelings like rage, jealousy, aggression, resentment, hatred. You expressed these feelings as a child and teenager, but likely learned from the adults around you that it wasn’t OK to express them. As a result, you learned to suppress these feelings and to deny that they even exist. This doesn't work, because you still feel them ... and, when you do, you judge yourself harshly for feeling them. 

Here’s the story about your shadow.

The feelings are normal. They exist alongside feelings that are considered socially acceptable, such as joy, excitement, delight. You have these shadow feelings. We all do. To only allow the feelings you like to exist is to live only some of the time.

You aren’t here to live half of the time.

That’s not why you are here. You are here to be whole and shine brightly, which means allowing all of your feelings.

It’s time to bring your shadow feelings into the light. 

You don’t have to love them, but hold the intention of making room for them to exist alongside all of the other feelings. Allow rather than suppress. Acknowledge rather than deny.