Run vs. Stand Your Ground

I knew I had touched a nerve 

when she followed the impulse to run. 

I just did a bunch of mini Oracle readings for 2017 for my newsletter subscribers. The readings are a mini-burst of illumination to highlight the challenges and blessings of your year. The overarching theme is about using your power -- an essential part of living that I freakin' love talking about.

Hers wasn't going to be a terrible year, by any stretch of what most of us go through. In addition to blessings, there was a specific challenge in how she was relating to the people in her life to watch for, keep in check, and grow through. It was about using her power differently in relationships, without throwing her weight around or being a bully.

As soon as she received the reading, she wrote to me saying she was sad and upset. I wrote back with compassion and suggestions. Then she unsubscribed from my newsletter. 

I understood and silently sent her blessings. She needed time to digest what the reading illuminated. 


When you're being called to use your power differently, your impulses are to run or stand your ground.

Today is the first full moon of the year in Cancer. Another thing I love talking about. It heralds a turbulent emotional time, and you might feel as if your feelings are all over the map. Like all full moons, this one illuminates and floods light into the dark places.

This Cancer full Moon shows a crisis and opportunity ... just like her reading ... to let your guard down, let go of what's no longer serving your highest good and choose change rather than run from it.