Four Things to do when You're in the Middle of a Spiritual Awakening

In my last post, I talked about three of the many signs that you’re having a spiritual awakening. So what do you do when you're in the middle of one? Like I said, spiritual awakenings can be messy business. 

Here are 4 things to do when you're in it: 

Zoom out & Notice.

Take a step back and notice what and who is leaving your life and what and who is coming in, without trying to change or judge it. Breathe in and out. This is a powerful act of mindfulness. 

Ground & Play.

Grounding is a soothing balm during a spiritual awakening, particularly if it’s the kind that kicks your ass. Walk. Do yoga. Ride your bike. Turn up the music and dance around your house. Spiritual awakenings are hard work and your body is having its own experience of it. Give it an opportunity to move and play.  P.S. — This’ll also get you out of your head if you find yourself in there more than you like.


Get away from it all. If you can go for a long stretch, do it. There are places designed for such things, like Kripalu, where I parked myself for a few winters. If that doesn’t ring your bell, take yourself to a place you’ve always wanted to go. If you don’t have time or cash to go away, retreat once per week. Turn off your phone. Don’t answer the door. Be quiet. 

Ask for Help.

Ask the Universe. Ask your guides. Ask your ancestors. You don't have to know who your guides or ancestors are. Ask it aloud in whatever way feels right for you ... for your highest good and your highest healed self.