Being grateful

When I read this

the first time I dove into You Can Heal Your Life, I was like, "Yeah right." Louise was writing about her simple morning gratitude practice. She said it had a great impact on her day.

I was skeptical. It seemed too easy.

Then I tried it on a morning walk. Usually my mind revolved around:

  • the to-do list
  • the fearful what ifs
  • the what I don’t haves

I made myself stop. I made myself focus on what I was grateful for.

Honestly, my mind went blank.

Then I focused on what I was doing, and I was grateful to be able to go on a morning walk.

Then I noticed that my legs were strong enough to walk, so I was grateful for my legs.

Then I said I was grateful it wasn’t raining and that it was sunny.

Then I checked in with my heart and my body.

I was shocked.

I felt good. My body felt good. 

This was years ago. I still make this part of my morning. I've expanded it in lots of ways that continue to feel good.

Try it. Tell me what you notice.