Sea Otters & Robin Williams

I'm a slow processor.

Always have been.

It used to bother me big-time. Everyone else would get it and be moving onto the next thing. Then there'd be me, bringing up the rear.

When I heard that Robin Williams killed himself a few weeks ago, I was shocked. Like many of you, I wondered how someone so beloved and who gave so much joy could feel like there was no other option.

I'm in the therapy biz, and I've sat with many individuals who were thinking about going ahead with suicide. Before my time in the biz, I found myself there as well. Like Cancer, depression can be fatal. It's a serious medical condition involving brain chemistry. And like cancer, it can be treated. Left untreated and/or without the right treatment, however, it can lead to substance abuse/overdose and suicide. 

Robin's suicide has been weighing heavily on my mind as I slowly process through it. Then, yesterday, I got a newsletter from someone whose work I like: Miss Alexandra Franzen. In her newsletter, she shared this fact about sea otters: 

They hold hands when they are sleeping so they don't drift away from each other.

otters holding hands from
otters holding hands from

Maybe these Sea Otters are onto something, as it relates to depression. If you know someone who struggles with depression, hold his or her hand so they don't drift away. If you struggle with depression, reach out in any way you can.

Tell me what you think ... about Robin's suicide, depression, sea otters.

Sending love, Maureen