What do say when ... ?

You cut your hair off. Then you run into someone you haven't seen in a while.

She says "Oh, my. You've cut your hair." She stares at your hair with her mouth hanging open.

You wait for her to say something nice.

Then you wait for her to say anything. Finally you hear crickets.

What do you do and say?

Do you shoot her a look of withering disdain ... like the Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey?

Do you practice your new crippling ninja move on her?

Do you say "Bitch ... you better be catching flies with your mouth hanging open like that."

Do you pretend it didn't happen, turn on your heels and walk away?

Here's what I recommend:

Step 1

Take a deep breath. Inhale deeply, filling your entire belly with air like a big ballon. Exhale, and let your shoulders drop 6-inches.

Step 2

Focus on your intention. Intention is about how you want to use your energy in the world and the other people in it. When it comes to communication, intention helps you focus on your side of things (which is all you are in control of).

HINT: Not sure about intention? Start with how you want to feel after.

Step 3

Let it rip.

Still stuck? Check these out:  

Nice Girl: "I know. I wasn't sure about it either. I'm trying to get used to it." 

Lob it Back to Her:  "So what do you think of my haircut? 

Sarcastic: "I get the feeling you are you trying to tell me something?" 

Cat Fight: "I can see that you're having a bad hair day, too." 

Confessional: "It's a big change for me. I just felt like I needed something new in my life right now."

Tactful: "So what's been doing with you?" 

Experiment and check in with your body. It'll always tell you what works for you.

Lots of love, Maureen