2014 Intentions

Some people make resolutions.Some pick a word for their year.

I set intentions.

Intentions are about how I plan to use my power, both out in the world and in my inner one.

Some of my intentions for 2014 are:

  • Be creative every day, as part of my self-care. Here's my intuitive piece in progress now.
  • Go somewhere warm this winter. Must have deserted soft-sand beach for me and waves for surfing husband.
  • Invite friends over for lunch. I usually do dinner, but lunch feels like more fun.
  • Continue with "Tarot Tuesday" free 3-card readings on Facebook.
  • Call people I love regularly. Staying in touch by phone doesn't come naturally. I intend to become crazy good at this!

What about you? How do you intend to use your power this year? 

Love, Maureen