Andrew McCarthy nailed it

I’m an NPR junkie. It’s on the car radio when I’m zipping around town. On longer drives, I listen to NPR podcasts, like Wait, Wait ... Don’t Tell Me and This American Life. A newish favorite is Here’s the Thing. Host Alec Baldwin chats it up with a mix of people from politics, movies and pop culture. Surprisingly, Alec gets people to talk (even though he comes off as pretty narcissistic self-absorbed).


I recently listened to the one he did with Andrew McCarthy. You know, the cute guy from the right side of the tracks opposite Molly Ringwalk in Pretty in Pink (that's Andrew -- the cutie in the middle). 

Andrew’s been writing. About traveling. About the fear of committing to someone you love. I loved his new book The Longest Way Home. Andrew said something so powerful in the "Here's The Thing" podcast with Alec about his experience of himself in the practice of writing.

He said,

“I feel like me when I do it. That’s what I most like in the world ... feeling like myself.”

Zing! That totally got me.

I knew exactly what he meant.

I feel like myself when I’m hiking with my dog every morning ... when I’m practicing yoga ... when I’m making art. I love these times when I can let everything else drop away.

Here’s the full podcast in case you want to hear the whole thing.