What's no Longer Serving You?

This fall, I signed up for Soulodge, an on-line course taught by Pixie Campbell. Pixie's an amazing woman who has spent many years studying the Native American traditions and has brought them to the digital world for women. As I write this, I'm searching for the words that capture Pixie and what she does. Here's the blurb from her website:

"Pixie Campbell holds sacred space for women virtually and live. As a circle facilitator her intuitive knowing guides and works with the Earth to mirror the women she gathers with. Her trust in women is boundless, so it's very natural for her to hold the Lodge flap open for all, and serve the healing process of each individual, regardless of where they are on their path, or how their stories might be perceived."

She holds Soulodge four times a year along with the seasons. This fall, we looked at

"mining the shadows."

What are shadows? Shadows are parts of us that we want to deny, disown or detach from. Things like anger, resentment, jealousy, grief, fear ... you get the picture. Although I guide clients through their shadow parts and help them find ways to own these parts, I've been doing my own shadow work in Soulodge.

Here's what I've noticed:

  • I myself have been disowning my shadows at times this fall, and
  • It's shown up through unhealthy habits -- overindulging in food and drink, zoning out with too much Facebook or movies,  and being out of touch with people I love.

So I've decided that these habits no longer serve me. It's time to let them "fall" away. Instead, I am committing to doing things EVERY day that support my shadow parts ... in ways that DO serve me.

I can list all those ways here, but I'm much more interested in hearing about:

  • What's no longer serving you?
  • What shadow parts do you want to deny?
  • What changes are you ready to make?