Boot Camp & My Edge

It's really humbling. 

I've been on a spiritual journey since I was a teenager. I'm into my 50s now, and sometimes I slide into the territory of feeling like I may have it all figured out.

Then BAM.

Something happens that brings me right back to square one. Take what happened at Boot Camp class last Sunday.

I love this class. It's really hard, and I really push myself. I like to go early and claim a good spot in the studio where it's held, but I rarely can make that happen. Last week, I did. I was so excited! I found a good spot and set up my weights, my jumprope, my steps. I was ready to go. 

The workout for Boot Camp changes every week, but it always involves rounds of high intensity aerobic exercise mixed with weight training. Sometimes the rounds begin with running upstairs to the indoor track, circling the track 5 times, then running back down to the studio and continuing with the rest.

So I ran up the stairs, around the track 5 times, and back down. When I got back to the studio, I found another woman using my equipment!

I was immediately pissed.

It took me no time to create a whole story in my head about how she was ruining my class and had some nerve taking over my equipment. 

I tried to recover and do something else, but it was hard. This woman had no idea that she was using my equipment. She was probably late and thought that we were sharing equipment, as we occasionally do.

I trudged through (and fumed through) the rest of the class. Something interesting also happened at the same time. Alongside my anger, I was noticed that I was watching myself, as if from above. I was wondering what the hell I was so upset about and why I was taking ownership of equipment that the gym owned. I was watching this part of me take over from the calm and compassionate person I usually am.

Even so, I couldn't help it. 

After class was over, I went home, I was able to calm down.

I felt embarrassed that I acted like such an angry jerk.

After that came up and subsided, I shifted into self compassion and humility.

I could see that this part of me -- that felt like I couldn't share and like this woman ruined my workout -- was my edge.

This is where I am a beginner. 

Where's your edge? What are you struggling with? 

Leave a comment and let me know.

Slowing Down + Filling Up

I'm back from my second time at the New England Women's Herbal Conference.

It was such a joy. Seeing friends I made last year and deepening our connection. Meeting new friends. Learning about the healing way of plants from incredible teachers including Rocio Alacron, Caroline Gagnon, and Tammi Sweet. Swimming in crystal clear Newfound Lake. Taking guided meditation journeys with plaintain -- a plant that grows in the cracks of the sidewalks. Sharing what I know about flower essences (and there's a 25% sale going on right now -- see details below). 

Most importantly, it was a time to slow down and fill up.

Healers need this more than ever. It's a challenging time to be alive on planet Earth, and we hold the space for growing through these challenges.

The space I hold is for smart and sensitive women going through times of life transitions. I call these transitions Gate Passages.  

These transitions bring many things up to the surface.

Sometimes it brings up old wounds that are ready to be healed.

Sometimes it brings up ways of thinking about your life that are ready to be upgraded.

Sometimes it brings forward new ways of being in the world, that can be both scary and exciting.

Always, though, these times of transition bring you into better balance of who you are. 

It's not easy to go through them.

New tools and new support can ease a Gate Passage.

I'm delighted to offer this support -- both one-to-one and in groups. In a few weeks, I'll once again be opening the fall season of Gate Passages -- a small group gathering of support. Stay tuned for details. 

What's doing for you?

How are you slowing down and filling up? 

Hit reply and tell me. I'd really love to hear about it

I just got back from a week on Cape Cod.

What a beautiful spot! Have you ever been? 

It was my first time, and here's what I loved: 

1. NO CELL SIGNAL on the beach. Cell service was spotty everywhere on the Cape, but I'm talking zero signal on the beach and the roads leading up to it. Not one person was on her or his cell phone. People were talking to each other and looking at each other. I loved this.

2. Whale Watching. Something happens to me when I see a whale up close. This is my third time seeing humpback whales, and the same thing happened the first two. When I saw the whale close up, I connected with it energetically. Something shifted big-time in my body, and I felt incredibly peaceful.  

Photo from

Photo from


3. Learning Something New. This was a workplaycation. Is that a word? I went to the Cape Cod Institute and learned new therapy skills. I've been at this for almost 20 years, and I'm always trying to be the best therapist that I can. I care deeply about my clients and want them to feel better. Learning new things helps me do that.

Tell me what's it like for you. Leave a comment below.

Oh and after taking a 2 month hiatus, I'm back doing New Moon Oracles. We have a new moon in Leo Saturday morning, plus a solar eclipse, plus 6 planets in retrograde. It's a doozy of a time! Click here to get yours.